Photography by Kristian Tenove

Aaron Rockefeller

My story begins along the Tennessee River in Florence, Alabama, where I developed an affinity for the outdoors at a young age. I spent most of my free time hiking, camping, fishing, and exploring my surroundings. Over the years, my backyard explorations evolved into a lifelong passion for the natural environment. This passion is evident in every aspect of my life and it influences my work as a designer. I believe that no matter how busy we become at work and at home, we must make time to explore and to cultivate creativity among peers. 

After high school, I spent four years in the United States Navy as an Engineman on board the USS Rentz. This experience provided me with the opportunity to travel the world and encounter a variety of cultures and environments. I was able to set foot on almost every continent and connect with a wide array of people. These experiences have made a defining impact on the way I perceive and interact with my surroundings. 

Professionally, I am pursuing licensure as both an architect and a contractor. I believe that it is important to be multifaceted within the profession of architecture to be successful in a variety of market conditions. I am interested in concepts of design build, and the ability to offer a fully functional, one-stop service for clients. 

If you would like to connect, you may reach me at the following email: